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Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Happy Chinese New Year to All Malaysian..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Acara : Celebration Director/DIQ dlm pelan Multilevel Tupperware
Tempat : Hotel Maluri
Tarikh : 12th July 09
Time : 1pm-4.00pm - termasuk lunch
Semua photo nie menceritakan suasana ketika
berada di Hotel Maluri..
Group photo Photo below : Group photo..ada yg tk masuk nie...sume dah siap nk balik..antara yg sempat bergambar
Photo Below : Kak Zaini & Kak Ann
Kak Zaini nie senyap2 berisi...rajin dan kuat semangat...
antara yg terima hadiah top director...
Photo below : Kak Raja Noraizah & Kak Ann.
Seorang yg cool dan vogue..selalu berketrampilan kemas...
antara yg menerima hadiah top director's
Photo below : Kak Noraini Omar (Mak Ani) & Kak Ann...
ini happening punya org.banyak gak bagi tunjuk ajar pada sue..
dia nie mak saya (upline)..
suka gelak dan menceriakan suasana..tkder dia mesti sunyi ...hu3
antara yg menerima hadiah top drector's
Photo below: ini nama penuh lupa sebab jarang jumpa..tk silap nama sia Zuan...tapi nie mesti salah eja..sorry eh..nanti sue check balik..Dia nie pun org kuat Saga Sonic....senang citer Emak(upline) kepada
Tan Lee Hua dlm business Tupperware nie.
Photo Below : Chin Kwee Har & Kak Ann...ini org kaya Saga Sonic..he3..soon nk jadi AED gak nak kejar Toyota Camry..he3.
Photo below : Tan Lee Hua & Kak Ann...ini Champion kita..Soon dia nak target AED..skrang Tan lee Hua - 5SD..dia nie sporting & humble
Photo Below: Kak Julia & Kak Ann..antara yg listed Top Director Saga Sonic..ini soon 5 Star Dorector (5SD)..go Kak Julia...u can do it
Photo below : Hah yg duk depan skali nie sayalah..dtg jugak walaupun berkerusi roda..hu3 nk recharge batery dah lama tak dapat join...apa2 pun memang happening
Photo below: Ini hadiah utk dealer baru join dan ada jualan Rm 150.00
Phoro below: Ini hadiah utk Promoting Director Below photo : anda mahu ini kata Abg Mus..ini hadiah utk
DIQ (Director In Qualification) yg rank up Director.
sukanya Kak Julia
Mak Yang - Testing tudung yg dihadiahkan oleh kak Ann untuk semua Director/DIQ ke majlis Tupperware Jubilee pada 16-18th July'09
On behalf semua Director's Thanks Kak Ann..
Mak Yang nie..couple Mak Ani utk cheerlady.he3 sporting & cool
Kak Ani Omar (Mak Ani) & Kak Ann
Ini masa lucky draw...kata Kak Ann tk jerit tk dapat besar punya hadiah..he3..
lucky draw time...
Below Photo:
Ini Jason-SDM baru dr Tupperware Malaysia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Click on the link below for new campaign/catalogue (18th May-30June)

( www.tupperware.com.my )
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for Lelong -Freezermate Junior II (4) 290ml

Freezermate Junior II (4) 290ml
Available 4 pcs
Rm12 each NOW Offer Rm8 each.
Note : Ideal to put fish ball,cili padi,onion-blended & many more

for Lelong-Freezermate Junior I (4)-140ml

Freezermate Junior I (4) -140ml
4 pcs -SOLD 2pcs today-(left 2 pcs AVAILABLE)
Rm10 each Now Offer Rm6 each...hurry grab it
Available 4 pcs
-Sold 2pcs today-Left 2 pcs ONLY
ote : Ideal to put Cili Padi,Limau Kasturi,Lime leave,spring onion & many more

for Lelong-Freezermate Small III (4)-1L

Freezermate Small III (4)-1L
frm side view
Available 4 pcs
Each Rm20 - NOW Offer Rm16 each
Note : Ideal to put Red Chili- can last long up to 2 weeks-tested.
Also ideal for : any vege,hotdog,fishball,Sayur Ulam (Pegaga..etc) n many more

for Lelong-Freezermate - Medium 1 (2) 550 ml

Freezermate- Medium 1 (2) 550ml

Rm25 each , NOW Offer buy 2 at rm40.
Available 2 pcs...hurry grab it.
Note : Ideal to put Fish-can fit 5-6 pcs
chicken breast,meat n many more..

For Lelong-Spring Canister - 1.1L

Available - only red colour- Today SOLD to Dina.tq
Price : Rm24 for 1 pc Now - Rm19.00
Retail : Rm96.00 offer Rm:76.80 - set of 4.
3 SOLD, available colour left only red

Why Tupperware ..

Dear All,
Wondering how i can get a free Tupperware & extra income.
Now with the new Tupperware Business plan you can earn $$
more at your Flexible working hours.
You can still earn while play with your child.
At Tupperware u have more time with your family,
residual income,Luxury,all expenses paid overseas trip,
recognition & awards and more.
Just take that first step.
All you need is an investment of Rm60
for a Tupperware Brands Starter kit.
The returns can exceed your wildest dreams..
Any query can refer to me at :
012-6744697 (Sue) or email me at (suriasonic@yahoo.com)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day OFFER...

Mother's Day Offer
Dear All & Tupperware Fan's,

Inconjunction of the coming Mother's Day this 10th May'09,
we have decided to share some of the good product to gift for your Mom and Loved Ones....Beside the Posted item below, you can also custom made your order to make it as a hamper's Gift.The ranging of the hampers started from Rm50 and above.
FREE DELIVERY for Kuala Lumpur area.
Please click the link below (in bracket) for more choices of product.

Item offered from the Tupperware Brands included:-
Tupperware products,BeautiControl,NatureCare,TuppeChef & Tupperclean

New Rice Dispenser

New Rice Dispenser - Available..

Product : New Rice Dispenser

Product Code : 58086 Retail : Rm288.00 - Now Offer price : Rm258.00

Note: In designing extraordinary storage systems to bring innovation and order to the modern home, the Tupperware Rice Dispenser was inspired by Asia's main staple - rice. Rice has traditionally been stored in earthen bins or large clay urns. Daily scooping of rice with cup and contact of rice with moist hands create potential contamination and infestation of weevils. Now, keep rice fresh with the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser.

* Unique drawer designed to dispense rice with a slide.

* Hygienic and prevents contamination from hands.

* First-in-first-out rotation keeps rice fresh.

* One swipe dispenses exactly 1 cup of rice (150g).

* Convenient size that fits all kitchen tops.

* Stores up to 10.5kg of rice. Perfect for every family.

* In pleasing neutral colors to match any kitchen decor

Quick Shake ( Shaker )

Item: Quick Shake-Shaker.
Product Code : Q1-0509
Retail : Rm38.00 ++
Note: 1) Can use to shake your diet powder
2) Can make fruit juice
3) Can mix cordial with ice water & cube.
4) Beat Eggs and whip up meringues,cream or shakes.

One Touch Topper (SOLD)

One Touch Topper (SOLD OUT)
Item : One Touch Topper
Product Code : O1-0509
Retail : Rm19.80
Note : Suggestion to put- biscuits,baby milk powder,crackers,sweets,milo,sugar,flour n many more

mm rectangular- medium

MM Rectangular - Medium - SOLD OUT TO ELMI SHERLIZAH
MM Rectangular - Medium

Item : Modular Mate Rectangular-Medium saiz
Product Code : MM2-0509
Retail price : Rm25.90 - each
OFFER NOW : RM 18 each
Available : 2 pcs. - SOLD OUT

Large Stor N Pour

Item : Large Stor N Pour (650ml)
Product Code : L6-0509
Retail price : 61.50 - For 3pcs
OFFER PRICE : RM49.20 - For 3pcs
Rm16.00 - For 1 pcs
Available : 6 Pcs.--JULY - ALL SOLD OUT
* Can purchase 1 pcs or set of 3
* Refer above price quoted.
Note: Ideal for indoor use, when u throw a barbeque or out on a picnic.Seal with slanted spout lets you poyr without dripping.Prepare,store & serve salad dressings,barbecue sauces,syrup,soy sauce,cooking oil,vineger or chili sauce.store crushed nuts.